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  3nd December 2010 Shanghai - The 2010 Green Awards announces the China Environmental Protection Foundation, in association with DDB China Group, as the winner of this year’s Grand Prix for its innovative outdoor campaign urging people to walk more and drive less.

  The GREEN AWARDS is a unique global awards ceremony held in London, UK, whose motto of ‘creativity in sustainability’ best explains their commitment towards recognising and rewarding the most creative and effective efforts to communicate green messages.

  This year, at the 5th GREEN AWARDS, organisations from around the world were invited to participate in all 16 categories for the very first time. Entries were received from China, India, Romania, United States, Denmark, Australia, South Korea and Sweden amongst others.

  The GREEN AWARDS Grand Prix is the overall winner of the event, which is judged the best amongst all of the entries. This prestigious Award went to China Environmental Protection Foundation, by virtue of an innovative and effective outdoor campaign created by DDB China Group urging people to walk more.

  The focus of the campaign was to raise awareness that everyone’s small ‘green’ steps can make a significant difference. It involved the creation of an outdoor poster advertisement on pedestrian crossings across seven thoroughfares in Shanghai.

  Judges were impressed by the creativity exhibited by the campaign and the simple and effective use of local knowledge. Moreover, the results of the campaign sealed the judges’ decision to be unanimous and resounding. The campaign reached 3.92 million people and increased general public awareness about environmental awareness by 86%.