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Founded in April 1993, China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) is the first non profit organization dedicated to environmental protection in China, and an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC.


In 1992, Prof. Qu Geping, the first Administrator of China National Environmental Protection Agency and the former Director of Natural Resources Conservation Committee of the National People's Congress, was awarded by UN the Environment Prize for his contribution and leadership for China's environmental protection at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Prof. Qu decided to donate the award of US$ 100,000 and proposed to establish the China Environmental Protection Foundation.


In accordance with the principle of "From the people, to the people and for the benefits of mankind", CEPF works to raise funds through different means and channels to commend organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection, to sponsor activities and projects of various kinds and to promote technical exchange and cooperation with other countries in the field of the environmental protection and ecosystem conservation in China.


The supreme organ of CEPF is the Board of Directors, which is composed of celebrities both from China and other countries and representatives of social bodies committed to environmental protection. Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, CEPF has formulated strict rules for the raising, management and use of funds and is subject to supervision by relevant administrations and donors.


Environmental protection is a public cause of far-reaching significance. While everybody is entitled to a beautiful environment, such an environment needs public care and protection. CEPF desires to have friendly communication with social organizations and individuals at home and abroad, establish a relationship of mutual support and cooperation and work together for the protection of the environment on which mankind depends for survival.

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